A lot has been happening with Jordan’s case over the past few weeks so much so that we thought it best to put any news or updates on the front page so his supporters, or any new visitors to the site, can see the progress that is being made with the case. Please keep visiting the site as we will continue to update this page as things progress over the next few weeks.  TeamJordan.


A life sentence is a harsh punishment for someone who didn’t commit the crime, yet despite the evidence in court and the judge deeming that “it was clear that you Jordan did not take part in the stabbing”, a guilty verdict on a murder charge was returned. This site is intended to raise awareness to the biggest miscarriage of justice in Sunderland in recent years, which saw, albeit a foolish 16 year old Jordan convicted for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Although mischievous, this boy is not a murderer, and despite an unsuccessful appeal attempt all who love and support him remains confident this charge will be over turned. Jordan was convicted on the basis of  joint enterprise, the 300 year old law that can convict innocent bystanders who do not actually touch the victim. This law sets the standard of proof way to low. You will probably think that if you are proven innocent during trial then you won’t be convicted, think again – this law finds you guilty by association. For an explanation of Joint Enterprise please click the About Tab at the top of this page.


30/09/2014 ~ The investigation into Jordan’s case will now be aired on BBC 1 Inside Out North East and Cumbria on Monday 6th October @ 7.30pm. TeamJordan.


05/09/2014 ~ Confirmation has been given that the documentary featuring Jordan’s case will be aired October 7th on BBC 1 Inside Out North East and Cumbria. Hopefully those not from the area can watch it online. (date is subject to change) TeamJordan.


05/09/2014 ~ We can now confirm that a second application to the CCRC, submitted 2013, has been under review since Feb 2014.  We await the decision of the CCRC and will update on this as things progress. TeamJordan.


29/07/14 ~ Confirmation has just been given that filming, on a documentary surrounding Jordan’s case, will start over the next few weeks. Jordan, his family and supporters happily welcome this upcoming documentary and more information will be given on this matter over the next few weeks. TeamJordan.


29/07/14 ~ We can confirm that the ECHR struck Jordan’s case out on May 10th. ECHR states that matters complained of are within the courts Jurisdiction but we have not exhausted every domestic remedy in the UK. This means we have to take Jordan’s case to the Supreme Court before ECHR will deal with it. Work is on-going so we are able to do this. Will continue to update on this matter as things progress. TeamJordan.









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